Practice Focus

The World around us

Our aim is to use our design skills to improve the world around us. Our practice focus is a testament to that, as the lion’s share of our architectural work involves inclusive design; shared spaces such as community buildings, infill & re-purposed buildings that improve communities, mixing uses to diversify commerce and living, and personal enclaves that evoke individual satisfaction. Much of our work has also been improving business for non-profits, our way of supporting those who support others.

We also purposefully seek out clients whose role is to enhance communities through their work. Our best reward is when our clients see the results of purposeful design on their bottom line.


If These Walls Could Talk

Oh, but they can. When you integrate your architecture with your brand amazing things happen. Seamless design through all your touch points creates an experience that is orchestrated by you.

In such a competitive environment, your design and brand communication are keys to success. By starting with your core identity in mind, your architecture will embody and emphasize your message and integrate your space into the rest of your branding goals and vice versa. Balancing the needs both of differentiation and familiarity we give our clients the advantage of putting both space and brand together from the start, not as an afterthought. Inspiring and integrated design that speaks through not only your architecture, but through your identity, logo, interactive and printed materials will make you poised for success.



Buildings that Encourage Participation

Great design isn’t about making your building look like a shiny box or a crumpled piece of paper. We believe great design is based on creating spaces which function well, are suited to their purpose, fit within their environment, break down barriers between exterior and interior and encourage people to interact with each other.

We have been lucky to design numerous buildings that have a bigger impact on communities; buildings where people gather, spaces that are inclusionary, places where you don’t need to be in a certain tax bracket to use. These include sacred spaces such as churches and chapels, community hubs like visitor’s centers, and mixed use buildings in which the multi-purpose nature improves walkability and usability.



Thoughtful Design is Good for Your Health

Special consideration needs to go into the design health care spaces. Beyond a focus on technology and functionality needed, the special needs of the people using the building are a core driver of design. We look at creating welcoming places to come together and be alone, how the physical or emotional challenges can be lessened through the design.



The Story of You

Your space is uniquely yours. What makes great home design is a space that tells the story of you. What you love, how you live and what is important to you are expressed through the space which you inhabit. We understand that your home is not only a very personal statement; it enhances your life, and can enrich the way you live.

We approach the design of each home in a way that tells the story of you, the story of the land, and with reverence to the environment. The result is a home that is your personal respite from the world, supremely functional for how you live, and above all else, uniquely yours.



People Are Talking Behind Your Back

Your brand is more than a logo, graphics or website. Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. They do it whether or not you are trying to direct the conversation, so it’s best you get organized and involved.

We start with helping you define your unique story, then translate that into a narrative that guides all your graphics, interactions with customers, digital presence and even architecture.