We offer businesses custom work as they need it, but we don’t just “do logos”. While the logo is the symbol of one’s brand, there needs to be a good story and purpose behind it to make it work. Having a concrete strategy, identified audience, and laser focused idea of what you are (and aren’t) can make the difference between a successful marketing effort and wasted time and money. Here are some examples of smaller projects we’ve helped businesses with to get them to the next level by helping them create a strong brand story and a logo that communicates that.

“For nearly 20 years I have worked with countless graphic designers and marketing experts. I have never worked with such ease and performance as I do now that BAS1S is our professional partner.”

-JILL ANDERSON, Senior Director of Marketing & Development, VOP

Diverse Businesses

We have been lucky to work with a diverse range of business types, from technology firms to non-profits and everything in between. Our goal is to help you distill your message into parts that are easy to communicate, whether that is through the web, email, print or even just your elevator speech. Our branding process gives you all those tools so you can communicate efficiently with your target. No logo production company can do that.

Client Sampling

  • Cornerstone Engineering
  • Cornerstone Construction Concepts
  • Estes Valley Library
  • Clearview Library
  • Estes Valley Victims’ Advocates
  • National Right to Read Foundation
  • Estes Park Museum
  • NCRW/National Council for Research on Women
  • Heron Scientific
  • Creative Brain Studio
  • ClearMark Technology
  • Screen Savvy
  • Education Metrics
  • Prioritization Plus Software
  • Front Range Equine Performance
  • Drake Acupuncture
  • Skyview at Fall River Village
  • Hospital Fundraising Event
  • Prospect Sound Bites Music Festival