Estes Valley Library

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The Estes Park Public Library needed to update their 20+ year old image. We modified the name, and created a brand that reflected the abundance of the surrounding natural environment of the in a compelling and whimsical way. The goal of the identity is to create a look that is clear and vibrant, fresh and modern with an appeal that spans generations.


The abstraction of the pine cone was designed also to be a stack of open books when the negative space is viewed. This adds an element of discovery and richness which is akin to what the Library and its staff provide to the community.

The Pine Cone

The image of a pine cone was chosen because it’s a natural element that represents the area’s abundance of pine trees. It’s also a beautiful thing- intricate, balanced, asymmetrical yet with symmetrical proportions.
The pine cone is the vehicle for multiple seeds. The metaphor being the Library too is a vehicle for the community (the group of seeds) to gather, learn and grow. The library simply transports them to a space where possibilities for growth and community abound. One pine cone could theoretically create a forest, provides nourishment for both the earth and numerous forest inhabitants.



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