National Right to Read

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The National Right to Read Foundation had an antiquated website, non-existent brand and no clear direction to move the organization forward. They reached out to an associate of ours to help them create some basic content to get them started. We came on board to help refine their thoughts into a cohesive brand story, logo and graphics.

“You and the team were the best thing that ever happened to the National Right to Read Foundation. It is truly an “award winning” website.”

-BOB SWEET, President & Co-Founder

We then took those basic building blocks and built them a fully responsive website with a content management system that allowed any of their chosen members to add content to easily. Lots of bells and whistles were created to make the site interactive and engaging. The amount of information they wanted to have on the site made it a challenge to keep the navigation simple, the content easily accessed and presented in a clear and pleasing way.

Launch Site

Alternate Ideas

The branding process involves taking multiple ideas and distilling them into a simple, easy recognizable form. Because of this often times many alternate ideas come to the surface before a final design and direction is decided upon. This example was one of those alternate ideas. We thought it turned out pretty well, and so did LogoLounge. LogoLounge periodically publishes a book celebrating expert identity work by notable designers and up-and-coming talents from around the world. This little nugget was featured in Book 9


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